Nandrolone Steroids: Benefits And Other Facts

For close to six decades now, Nandrolone has kept intact its reputation as one of the most beneficial anabolic steroids. The hormone is commonly used in medical field, too, to treat a number of different diseases and conditions, among them anemia and HIV. However, anabolic users prefer it for the reason that it helps build lean muscle mass without little water retention. The gain happens at a slow but steady rate since variants of Nandrolone steroid such as Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (Durabolin) or Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin) come with a long active half-life and are not counted among one of the fast-acting steroids.

Therefore, Nandrolone steroids are used commonly during cutting phases in a steroid stack that uses a strong testosterone steroid as the base compound in the stack. Since the more aggressive steroids also come with serious water retention issues, Nandrolone is included in the stack to keep the water retention in check and thereby inhibit any increase in the body fat percentage of the user. Add to this the fact that Nandrolone steroids also provide joint relief for athletes and you can understand why the compound has enjoyed such a huge popularity for such a long time, Nandrolone buy.

However, one thing that all Nandrolone users must keep in mind is that the compound, notwithstanding its therapeutic benefits, must never be taken solo in a performance enhancement cycle. This is because Nandrolone pills or Nandrolone tablets are known to shut down completely the production of natural testosterone in the body. Therefore, if the steroid is not coupled with a testosterone, this will result in a complete loss of libido for the user during the cycle and for some time afterwards, too. So, do keep this in mind that if you are using Nandrolone steroids, you must use them as part of a steroid stack which uses some strong testosterone as the base steroid.

Nandrolone for sale

In countries where Nandrolone is not listed as a controlled substance, users can easily obtain it from reputed pharmaceutical outlets. However, to buy Nandrolone in the US is a difficult proposition. In the US, the steroid is a Schedule III drug and you cannot buy Nandrolone without a prescription. You may think that a possible way out is to buy Nandrolone online from an offshore online facility, but unfortunately enough, this is not permissible under the law either. If it comes to the notice of the authorities that you have been acquiring Nandrolone online, they may initiate a legal case against you. This is an unfortunate circumstance but this is something you have to abide to if you are living in the US.