Best Steroid Cycle For Beginners

For people who have never taken steroids before, steroid cycles are an enigma. In addition, such people will have difficulties deciding the best cycle for their needs, and how much growth they should expect in the end. There are many steroid combinations ( stacks) available. Understanding the intensity and length of a particular cycle will help control the expected side effects. Gynecomastia is a common side effect in many. Choosing the wrong stack can lead to muscle loss when you quit exercising.

Understanding the best steroid cycles

A steroid cycle, in simple terms, is the time a person is actively taking the steroids. It is advisable to have on and off periods to control expected long-term side effects emanating from steroid use. The on and off cycles also maximize muscle gain potential.

General cycles are usually between 2-12 weeks. For beginners, short cycles are recommended. Increases should be done gradually depending on how well your body reacts. With prolonged use of these products, the benefits will last longer compared to taking of higher doses in long cycles, cutting cycles.

One of the issues many beginners struggle with is accepting that the body can decide to reject some products. A change of steroid can help in such a case. Alternatively, you can train your body to accept the change. Nonetheless, ensure this is not done for prolonged periods.

Benefits of gender-specific steroids cycles and stacks

Use of steroids in men is different from use in women. There are women who adopt cycles meant for men. They will definitely get results but they will lose their femininity. Steroids which are considered safe for use by women are few and the dosage ought to be limited.
When small doses are used in short cycles, women can still get equal results as their male counterparts and still maintain their feminine features. Discontinuation is advised if undesired symptoms appear. A change in the product can sort out such the issue.

Because weight training can have a dramatic effect on the number of calories burnt, women will benefit more if they focus on steroid stacks and cycles which promote this. On the other hand, men should focus on increasing the level of androgens and testosterone in their systems. Thus, they will benefit from higher doses and longer periods, strength cycles.

How to choose the best steroid cycle(for beginners)

Steroids are not just a shortcut to increasing muscle mass. The stacks can focus on:
Developing lean muscle mass.
Burning body fat.
Strengthening muscles.
Building muscle mass.

Once you set a specific goal, you can then go ahead and choose a cycle that suits your objectives. As a beginner, take lower dosages and opt for shorter cycles. This lowers the probability of developing unwanted side effects.

Some basic beginner steroids

A primabolan depot- it does not contain testosterone hence highly recommended for women.

Decadurabolin- this has great androgenic properties. In small doses, it is safe for beginners. It can also be used as an accompaniment for those in advanced and intermediates stacks.
Winstrol- it is used in different cycles including lean muscle building and fat loss cycles. It is good for women because it does not have testosterone bulking cycles.


If you cannot make a choice on your own, get an expert to guide you n choosing the best steroid stack. The best steroid stacks will see you realize your goals faster.