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How Odds Shift Before Cheltenham 2014

If you already have your heart set on betting during the Cheltenham Festival 2014, then you'll want to start to keep an eye out on the most recent developments – from right now! The fact of the matter is that with the race day not so far off, even small developments could cause the odds to shift and keeping tabs on whats going on could influence the bet that you eventually decide to make.


Scares and Doubts


Assuming you'd kept up with the news recently, you'd know that there have already been quite a few scares regarding certain horses. When that happens, the odds will undoubtedly end up being affected – especially closer to the time. After all, if the horse takes a knock, falls ill, or anything else happens then it could rule it out of the race entirely or it may not be in its best form when the festival itself kicks off.


Similarly, there are some horses that are in doubt as to whether or not they'll be competing at the Cheltenham 2014 Festival for various other reasons. It might be worth even looking into the policy of your bookmaker should a horse withdraw from the race at the eleventh hour.


Taking Advantage of Shifting Odds


It is worth noting that it is notoriously difficult to actually take advantage of shifts in the odds – mostly because bookmakers are normally just as well informed (if not better informed) and will have accounted for the changes before you can actually react and place a bet.


What you can pay attention to however is the shifts in odds that are 'strange' or seem out of place, because those could be due to sharps weighing in heavily behind a certain outcome. Many bettors would then tend to follow the sharps as well, on the assumption that their information is better than what anyone else would have access to.


All said and done, truly understanding the odds and looking into the various possible outcomes is not easy. It takes time, effort, and no small amount of knowledge regarding the intricacies of horse racing. Even many of the experts often disagree in terms of predictions, so you'll find that there is a lot of room for different opinions. It is up to you to decide how and where you'd like to place your money – and which horse you feel is good to back!