Why A Fit Person May Not Necessarily Be Healthy

Fitness is a good indicator of health but the two cannot be equated. There are many instances where someone who looks extremely fit on the outside is actually quite unhealthy on the inside. This is why regular exercise is considered as just one of the important components of a healthy lifestyle. Other things such as diet, stress, and more should also be taken to account. The following are just some of the few issues fit individuals might encounter:

Physical Injuries

Overuse injuries can occur because of prolonged heavy training. When a person does more than his body can handle, the weak link starts to break down and the pain can be debilitating. This is not uncommon among athletes of all levels. The desire to push limits is commendable but it needs to be done correctly or injuries will happen and training will have to be halted.

Hormone Imbalance

This is something that women should be particularly attentive to. Intense training cycles that throw off hormone balance which then leads to poor performance. Those affect will get fatigued quicker than usual. Bone density can start to decrease and menstrual dysfunction may occur. In fact, irregular menstruation is one of the earliest signs. Some athletes go without their period for many months and suffer from infertility. Consult your doctor if this happens so that an appropriate remedy can be found.

Underlying Ailments

Fit people is also not immune to disease. Colds, coughs, and flu can still affect them, especially when they are into the heaviest phase of training as their immune system may be down while their bodies are focusing on recovery from the intense physical stress. Bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and unhealthy eating can also affect them just as badly as the rest of the population. Fitness will make you stronger and increase your endurance but you also have to take care of yourself to reap all the benefits of good health.